Jana Brike, Moth Man and the Light of Creation, oil on canvas, 24 1/8 x 19 3/4", 61.3 x 50.2 cm.  sold

In the simplest physical sense, this is appreciation of the amazing female body and its inner secrets.

On a deeper level it is the same that I wrote about “invisible strings”: longing for the intimate connection to the very life source itself, longing to be complete, as if the void in the center of your lonely human being is in the exact shape of the

About sexuality in this and my other work: Vast majority of professional artists (also writers, philosophers, religion leaders etc.) in the history have been males, so the viewpoint from which the female body, soul, thoughts, feelings as well as femininity as such as has been examined and reflected upon has been a male view. A physically and emotionally exposed woman as a theme in artwork by most part has been an object – displayed for desire, judgement, or examination, external, out there, but not a personal, intimate, subjective universe, where the viewer is intimately invited to identify with her. I am happy to live in a time where female artists are changing that, where we are our own subject matter, owning our narrative and telling our own story through our own art! And that is also a big part of what drives me in my art process. Yes, some part of my subject matter is the female sexuality, but I want to tell how I feel it from my own subjective intimate viewpoint, owning it, extremely personalizing it, with all the discomfort and beauty, vulnerability and strength, healing and affliction, pain and pleasure, light and darkness, growth, and death it contains within.


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