Jana Brike, Fairy Tale of a New Dawn, oil on linen, 23 5/8 x 31 1/2", 60 x 80 cm.

A vision about life that’s about to change, about past and present and hopes for the future. Death being overcome with new growth and life being overcome with new growth.

It holds in itself a lot of other themes – from “memento mori” to inner reflection.

(About my characters: they are in a continual state of growth, and therefore in some way transcendent to time, but also the figure in a certain stage of life represents a certain stage of soul transformation. Each period – infanthood, childhood, adolescence, maturity, old age and all that’s in-between – each encompasses a different archetype, each has different trials and tribulations associated to it, each requests a certain transcendence in the process of soul growth. I feel like in my art I reflect upon my life and try to make sense of it but not at the present moment, but a decade or so back in the past, as if I need a certain vantagepoint to grasp the significance of it. In my twenties I painted mostly childhood, in my 30’s I mostly tried to symbolically interpret my late teen years and adolescence, now my characters are mostly in young adulthood. Maybe I need that to reflect on my past path, trials, catharsis, my symbolic death and revival, in a way where art and life is one.)

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