Jana Brike, Moonlight Dance, oil on linen, 27 5/8 x 39 3/8", 70 x 100 cm.  sold

In general, the lushness of nature, flowers, birds, and overgrowth is in the very forefront of my work. We have forgotten that we ARE the nature, not something that interacts with it as an external and objectified thing “out there”. In some ways, in my painting I see nature equals to human emotions and states. I use it that way for my backgrounds and details. Violent seas and majestic clouds, warm summer sunshine and cool magical moonlight, forests to get lost in and misty swamps, and overgrowth springing up around, in and from the human bodies – for my art I feel it more like internal territories of a soul in a metaphorical way and deeply connected with the human heart, not simply places or objects.


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