Travis Louie, Wendy & the Ghost of Tim, 2012, acrylic on board, 10 x 8"   Sold

Wendy had a fish named Tim. She used to take him on walks in a small glass jar. She claimed that he could talk and that they had wonderful conversations. When her friends came to visit her, she would comment on how splendid a conversationalist Tim was. Her friends only saw the blank stare that fishes have and the usual mouth movement, but heard nothing.  They politely dismissed Wendy as being mildly insane and acted as if they could hear the voices too.
One day, Wendy was seen walking out of her house with an empty glass jar in her hand and a curious thing floating above her head. It was a fish. She seemed to not notice it was there. She was sad that Tim had passed away and carried his jar around for weeks, . . . heartbroken. Everyone else could see the fish floating softly above her head. She never could.

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