Travis Louie
, North Atlantic Dagon Worshipper, 2011, acrylic & graphite on paper, 14 x 10" 

The North Atlantic Dagon worshippers are linked to the evolution of the angler fish and other similar deep sea creatures. They possess a peculiar bio-luminescence that appears more like a soft glow, even in the darkest regions. They are quite dangerous with their many stinging tendrils and often use the “lures” on their heads to draw people in. There is a hypnotic effect that emanates from them and causes zombie-like behavior. When they come ashore in more populated areas, large masses of people fall under their spell and follow them. Prolonged exposure to them causes fish-like mutation and loss of speech. Those who have spent more than a few days in close proximity speak in shrill-like vibrato and shake violently. The effect takes months to wear off after they have gone back into the sea.

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