Travis Louie
, Claire & Her Forest Schnook, pigment print on watercolor paper, signed and numbered AP, 24 x 17 1/2"

They get their name from having the appearance of being in a state of confusion. Thought to be extinct, the common forest schnook was known to hide in dense woodlands most of the day, usually buried in the ground. Covered with a thick layer of hair, small trees and brush often grow out of indentations in their misshapen heads (which is great camouflage). A full size schnook can stand at a height of  15 meters.
On an autumn afternoon, Claire found a forest schnook in the woods behind her house. They became fast friends. She spent the rest of the fall romping through the woods, singing out of tune, and learning magic tricks, which he was quite adept at despite his large clumsy hands.  When Winter came,  he told her that he had to go into hibernation (which consisted of him pretending to be a small hill). This made her very sad. Her father built a large barn over him to keep him warm and he never went into hibernation again.  She entered her Schnook in the Secret Pet Society's  Curious Pet Show of 1898 and won first prize in the category of "mostly extinct creatures". It was his sleight-of-hand tricks during the talent portion of the event that won over the judges.

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