Travis Louie
, The Mighty "Moonstone", 2012, acrylic on board, 29 x 29"  

The giant floater of Utah was first seen hovering over lakes and ponds during the warm season in 1877. When Charles Lansing unearthed a shiny opal-like boulder during a dig for dinosaur bones, he had no idea what he had found. He managed to haul the large "stone" to his barn a few miles away.  That evening, the great stone came to life. To Charles' amazement, it crashed through the roof of his barn and floated into the sky. It emitted a soft glowing light and moved at such a slow rate, people who saw it in the night sky thought it was the moon. For the next twenty years, it always came back to Charles' barn to hide during the daytime and lay dormant during the winter months. When Charles passed away in 1897, the great stone reburied itself and was never seen again.

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