Travis Louie
, Sally Before She Went Bad, 2013, acrylic on board, 14 x 11"

When Sally Myerson was a little girl, she was fascinated with fairy tales like most children in her town. As groups of them would play pretend and dress up like characters from those stories.  Sally was always chosen to play the villain. After a while, the other children began to tease her, calling her "Villainous Sally". The nickname stuck to her throughout her entire childhood.  When bad things happened, the other children always jokingly blamed it on her. This grew tiresome for Sally and she became rather introverted. She spent most of her off time studying things like electricity and machines. Eventually, after being driven to malicious boredom,  she decided to own the moniker that they gave her. The turning point happened during the great "Fiery Ice Cream Social Of 1923". She coerced what few friends she had to help her sneak into the building the night before and rig the ice cream with moonshine she stole from the principal's closet. The night of the social, she arrived in full evil queen garb. She had one of her friends announce her, and as she walked into the room in mock regal posturing,,,she flicked the light switches and the ice cream burst into flames! A new villain was born!


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