Travis Louie
, Brain, 2014, acrylic on board, 10 x 8"  Sold

Arthur Cantor's head began to increase in size when he turned 9. It was said that a soft glow emanated from his over-sized bald pate and when it was quiet enough, the sound of a low hum could be heard. He was made fun of by his classmates, but remained undaunted in his ambitions to someday rule the world. When someone claimed they wanted "to conquer the world" it implied some nefarious purpose, but with Arthur that was not the case. Arthur did not have an evil thought in his body. Even after he developed  his "mind-powers" to levitate objects like cars and small buildings or turn people into monkeys,  he made it known that he only really wanted "to make a the world a better place" And despite being laughed at when he enrolled at the institute, he used his "super brain powers" for good . . .most of the time.


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