Travis Louie
, Melvin and Percy, acrylic on board, 20 x 16" 

Melvin was a factory worker on disability who lived in a small town in the North East with his pug dog, Percy. His dog was always at his side, traveling with him wherever he went. They would go to restaurants, shopping, the theatre, and the occasional baseball game. Percy was very clever for a pug. When Melvin got sick, his dog would take care of him. He managed his finances and even cooked for him. After living in their small house for almost a decade, Melvin's hair grew darker and took on a shape very similar to Percy's ears. He also developed a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow on his face and he had these dark "bags" under his eyes. It didn't matter if he shaved, combed his hair, or managed to get extra sleep; it would all fall back into place. 


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