Travis Louie
, George, acrylic on board, 14 x 11"

His name is George. I had a dream about a gorilla with a beard who was clutching a little plastic woman action figure that looked like Fay Wray. During his break time, George would climb up a lamp post at 3 pm clutching his "Fay Wray doll" in his left hand. A smiling bunch of grade school kids would run up to him with models of biplanes on sticks making the sounds of plane engines as they circled him. He would pretend to swat at the planes as the children imitated the sounds of machine gun fire. George would pretend to get hit by the bullets and fall to the ground, . . . they'd all start laughing. By 4:30, the kids would all go home for their supper time and George would head back to the factory where he would perform strength tests on Samsonite luggage.


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