Travis Louie, Buffalo Phil and Mr. Wiggles, acrylic on board,  20 x 16"  Sold

One of the founding fathers of the town of Oxhoofville was Phil Monroe. He was also known as "Buffalo Phil" because of his favorite pet buffalo, "Mr. Wiggles". Phil was a builder who constructed most of the original buildings in the town. Mr. Wiggles was always by his side and often helped him with his tasks. He was another one of those people who looked like their pets. He even wore an old helmet with horns and all his work suits had furry shoulder pads. He claimed it cushioned his shoulders when he carried lumber through the town. They lived in the largest house in town. The interior and the furniture was designed and built specifically to fit Phil and his pet's enormous size,  as they had a combined weight of about 3 tons. When outsiders visit Oxhoofville's town library they often confuse the statue of the two of them with Paul Bunyan and Babe his blue ox.  


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