Robin Freedenfeld
Robin Freedenfeld's background as a printmaker is evident in the areas of rich, pure color and the smoothness of her surfaces.  Even when painting foliage and grass there is a polished quality in the oil painted surface.

One of the reasons we love to look at figure paintings is that they allow us to gaze at a person for a longer time than would otherwise be socially acceptable.  This is why a painting of a solitary figure can sometimes put us in the role of voyeur.  In a Robin Freedenfeld figure painting the subject is in a moment of private comtemplation.  But the person we are looking at is just aware of our presence as we are of theirs so that instead of a moment stolen we are in a moment shared.
Robin Freedenfield's landscape, figure and still life paintings are in many public and private collections including Western New England College and the Chemical Bank of New York.  She has been a recipient of the Massachusetts Artists Foundation Fellowship and received numerous private portrait commissions.

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Robin Freedenfeld
Oil on panel, 2021
35 x 28"
88.9 x 71.12 cm




Robin Freedenfeld

Oil on wood, 2012
27 x 21"
68.58 x 53.34 cm


Robin Freedenfeld

Sleeping in Montserrat
Oil on panel, 2007
30 1/8 x 24 1/8"
76.52 x 61.28 cm
Robin Freedenfeld
Artist with Muse (Scott Prior)

Oil on panel, 2003
17 3/4 x 14 3/4"
45 x 37.47 cm

Robin Freedenfeld
Joy with Kayak
Oil on panel, 2001
42 x 33"
106.68 x 83.82 cm


Robin Freedenfeld

Towards the Light
Oil on panel, 2009
40 x 45"
101.6 x 114.3 cm






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